Educators For Equality

Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and inclusive future for all Indian children. Explore our programs, learn about our team, and discover how you can get involved today. Together, we can make a difference.

Educators For Equality

Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and inclusive future for all Indian children. Explore our programs, learn about our team, and discover how you can get involved today. Together, we can make a difference.

Educators For Equality

Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and inclusive future for all Indian children. Explore our programs, learn about our team, and discover how you can get involved today. Together, we can make a difference.

Educators For Equality

Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and inclusive future for all Indian children. Explore our programs, learn about our team, and discover how you can get involved today. Together, we can make a difference.

Educators For Equality

Join us in our mission to build a more equitable and inclusive future for all Indian children. Explore our programs, learn about our team, and discover how you can get involved today. Together, we can make a difference.

An Experience

I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions – a movement against and beyond boundaries. It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom.

Bell Hooks

Author, Theorist, Educator, and Social Critic

At Educators For Equality, we empower students and educators alike. We nurture students to become self-aware, rigorous leaders, inclusive community builders, and engaged civic citizens.
Through inclusive pedagogies and mentorship, we equip students with the skills needed to thrive in a diverse world. Simultaneously, we support educators with training and resources to create inclusive classrooms and foster positive learning experiences. Together, we build an equitable and inclusive educational system that prepares students for success and active participation in society.

Our Advisors...

Mainak Roy


Mainak, the Co-Founder and CEO of Simple Education Foundation (SEF), is a visionary leader dedicated to transforming education for underserved communities. With a background as a Teach For India Fellow and Program Manager, Mainak brings invaluable experience to his work with government schools. His expertise in fundraising, communications, strategy, and project development drives SEF's mission forward. As an Acumen India Fellow, Mainak is part of a network of social impact leaders committed to creating positive change. When he's not working, Mainak finds solace in reading and listening to music. Through his unwavering passion and leadership, Mainak is helping us shape E4E's path to provide equal educational opportunities and empower the next generation of teacher leaders.

Raisha Galib


Raisha Galib is the Senior Program Manager at Teach For India (TFI), based in Delhi. With her exceptional leadership skills and passion for creating a positive impact, she leads the programmatic strategy and operations for TFI in the city. Her deep commitment to coaching and team-building drives her efforts in designing effective programs that cater to the needs of under-served children. Outside of her professional commitments, Raisha finds joy and rejuvenation in immersing herself in nature. She has a profound love for bird-watching, embracing the beauty and diversity of avian species. Raisha is supporting E4E with program strategy, team building, people development etc.

Rathi Neha


Rathi serves as an Associate Director - Programs at Slam Out Loud, an organisation focused on social and emotional learning (SEL) through art. They lead a team responsible for designing and implementing programs that empower teachers through art in government schools. Their journey started as a Teach for India fellow and has since involved mentoring 10 fellowship programs in various contexts and locations throughout the country. They have also coached Edupreneurs, built high-performing teams, and continually developed themselves as an educator and an individual. They are a certified coach affiliated by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Rathi is helping E4E to establish an ecosystem where every child finds a safe space in their classroom, irrespective of their identities.

Sudipto Das


Sudipta is a Dalit queer feminist with six years of experience working on key themes of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), gender and sexuality rights, communications, and advocacy. They are a trainer, writer, and advocate for social justice for marginalised communities. They have worked intensively in building the leadership of young people in feminist youth-led action and advocating for the legal rights and entitlements of queer and trans people in India. Sudipta started working in the development space as an India fellow as a trainer to prevent sexual violence against children and help in their rehabilitation. Sudipta is mentoring E4E to build advocacy and communication around intersectional inclusive education.

Aritra Chatterjee


Aritra Chatterjee (she/they) is a trans-rights activist and mental health professional. She is a trained Clinical Psychologist based in Kolkata. She has experience with mental health research, advocacy and working with clients across different spectra of mental health issues. Her interest lies in queering mental healthcare systems and pushing the walls for affirmative care for gender and sexual minorities. She has published her scholarly work on affirmative care in various national and international journals. Aritra helps E4E to deliver its mission of reaching all children in underserved classrooms by incorporating trauma-informed practices.

Meet Our Team !


(She/ They)

Founder and Director, Programs and People

Pratyay is an educator, researcher and teacher coach who previously served as a Teach For India Fellow from 2019 to 2021, where she honed her skills in teacher development, program design, people management, and inclusive education. She is the founder of Educators For Equality and leads program and people vertical at E4E. She holds a Masters' in Gender Studies from RGNIYD, Chennai. Pratyay strongly believes in the power of education, training, advocacy, and collective action in creating inclusive classrooms through affirmative pedagogy.


(She/ Her)

Co-Founder and Director, Curriculum and Training

Rajpriya is an educator, a bookworm and a learner forever. She believes in the power of voice and lived experiences. She is passionate about inclusion, inclusive education and believes that her purpose is to serve all children. In her free time you will see her crotchet, binge watch series or simply read! She holds a M.Phil in Sociology from Jadavpur University. She has worked as a Teach For India Fellow from 2018-2020 in a lower income private school in Mumbai.


(She/ They)

Co-Founder and Director, Partnerships and Advocacy

Riju is an intersectional trans* feminist, writer and social worker. She is passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights and has worked with youth in multiple states of India. She was a Teach For India alumna working as a full-time educator in a low income private school in Mumbai from 2018-2020. She holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations from University of Kolkata. She is a firm believer of social justice and radical relationships.


(She/ Her)

Lead, Teacher Development

Srijani is an educator and teacher trainer. She is passionate about agency, voice, and inclusive education for all. She is a Teach for India Alumna from the 2020 cohort and holds a postgraduate degree in Development Studies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. For leisure, she loves reading, watching shows, and gardening.


(She/ Her)

Consultant, Research and Advocacy

Meera is a free spirit who after experiencing corporate life for four years, decided to take a break and find a new meaning in life by travelling across India for 8/9 months. She soon went from a volunteer empowering kids to work full-time with children with Teach For India (2020-22). From teaching and inspiring 8th graders to tackling important issues like climate justice and social inequalities, Meera's passion for change led her to start a learning center providing marginalized students a safe space to learn and grow. Currently, she continues to create an impact by focusing on implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) and fostering climate consciousness in government schools.


(She/ Her)

Consultant, Design and Communication

Vigya is a passionate educator who firmly believes that every child can and must learn regardless of their physical, mental, social, and eco-political realities. She has worked with varied stakeholders including neurodivergent children and adults, prison inmates, parents, teachers, and school leaders. Vigya promotes well-being and recognizes that the best-laid-out plans fail if the stakeholders' well-being is not taken into consideration. She is an Alumna of Teach for India and Christ University. Vigya is continuously on the lookout for spaces of growth for self and others.


(She/ Her)

Consultant, Student Learning and Assessments

Chandrayee is a proud alumna of Teach For India, where her first teaching experience with children in Pune made her fall in love with the transformative power of the classroom. Originally from Kolkata, Chandrayee loves meeting new people who can teach her something new about life. She has also worked as an English teacher in Yuwaah India and spent time teaching children in rural Jharkhand. She has a Master's in Applied Psychology from the University of Calcutta, and she dabbles in classroom interventions for students with learning disabilities. In addition to teaching academic content, she is very passionate about creating an inclusive and happy classroom and passing on her love for reading.


(She/ Her)

Program Partner

A nurturer of life and dreams, Titas is an educator, researcher, and artist. She has completed her Masters in Human Development, and her inclination towards developmental psychology and social emotional learning are reasons she joined the Teach For India Fellowship in 2022. She believes in the power of holistic education for all, which is possible with effective curriculums, and adequately trained teachers leading with love. She thinks that teachers can solve problems that India's children are facing at different levels. She is designing and implementing leaning experiences with Educators for Equity for Kolkata schools.


(She/ Her)

Program Partner

Samriddhi is a Teach For India Fellow, where she teaches children in a grade 3 classroom. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and a Diploma in Elementary Education, she firmly believes in the transformative power of teaching and collective leadership. She thinks that by nurturing hearts and minds with empathy, fostering a sense of honesty, and ensuring equality, she can create a supportive and inclusive learning environment where everybody discovers their true potential. With passion and dedication Samriddhi is driven by the conviction that through education, she can inspire a generation of change-makers, nurturing their sense of possibility and equipping them with the tools to build a brighter future for themselves and their nation. She is designing and implementing leaning experiences with Educators for Equity for Delhi schools.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is E4E? +

Educators for Equality, is an community led organisation dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in education. We work with educators, school leaders, and other stakeholders to create inclusive learning environments for all students. Our programs and initiatives aim to support affirmative teaching practices, foster a sense of belonging, and address social biases in the education system. We provide training, resources, and opportunities for educators to enhance their inclusive practices and create a positive impact in the lives of their students.

Is E4E only for teachers? +

No, Educators for Equality (E4E) is not just for teachers. While our organisation places a strong emphasis on supporting teachers in creating inclusive and equitable learning environments, we also extend our reach to other stakeholders within the education ecosystem. This includes school administrators, teaching assistants, school leaders, policymakers, and anyone passionate about promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in education. We believe that creating inclusive schools requires collective efforts from all stakeholders, and we strive to engage and collaborate with a wide range of individuals and organisations to drive positive change in the education system.

Who is the suitable audience for E4E's programs? +

E4E's programs are designed for a diverse range of educators, including new and senior teachers, school administrators, and teaching assistants. Whether you are just starting your teaching career or have years of experience, our programs provide valuable resources and support to enhance your inclusive teaching practices and create affirmative classrooms. Additionally, our programs are open to school leaders and other stakeholders in the education community who are passionate about promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity in education.

How can I support and get involved with Educators for Equality? +

There are several ways you can support and get involved with Educators for Equality. You can participate in our programs and events, volunteer your time and expertise, make a financial contribution to help us expand our reach, and promote inclusivity in education. Join our mailing list to stay updated, follow us on social media, participate in events and workshops, or explore volunteer opportunities. Your support and involvement are crucial in creating more inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students.

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